Friday, August 27, 2010

Learning to play another Race

I have always been heavy on the Zerg side of the table, however, lately I've been trying to learn Protoss. I'm doing this because after playing Zerg all the way through beta from Day 1 plus playing them for a month post release, it's safe to say: I'm BORED.

To begin with I am trying to learn the basic openers. I feel if I have these standardized builds down somewhat efficiently I can move on to more complex tactics and the overall strategy of the race.

First on the menu, The Four Gate:

Total credit to Husky for the video!


  1. One of my guy friends got me into the original Starcraft, I think I'm pretty good for a chick. Maybe I should get into the sequel?

  2. It's a pretty awesome game, although for me it is very frustrating. I've never really played many RTS's (well, seriously anyways) so this one is a challenge to me. If you liked the first you'll enjoy this one. For sure!